Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Josh of Seagulls here. Through science I will determined that this Blog might be the best thing that ever might have possibly happened since the 80’s. Although, this is only a hypothesis. I have taken a break from my work on the Rubik’s Cube to begin the research. Is the Brat Pack really from the 80’s? Does the Brat Pack play exclusively 80’s music? Could the powerful music played by the Brat Pack damage or repair the Space Gash? With the help of millions of Brat Pack fans around globe, and a strangely fanatical group from the British Indian Ocean Territory that I lived with for some time, I will answer these questions and solve the newest mystery in the universe: Did the sounds of Wham rupture a time and space continuum causing a gravitational gyroscope to retract a burrito at light speed from the grips of a drunken college student so set on the delights of Mexican cuisine that upon the discovery of the missing burrito covered his arm in hot sauce and ate it? I will report my findings…


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