Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good Monday morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Aside from 6 breaking out in hives from the flowers they bought me, Mother's Day went down without pain or injury.

I woke up to the beautiful singing voices of 9 and 6 (sung to the tune of the happy birthday song) Happy Mother’s Day to you. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Happy Mother’s day to Mooooomm. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

I peeled my eyes open and blinked until those faces were in clear view. Then I was handed my favorite gifts of all, the homemade ones. From 9 I got a picture of a flower in the sun, a card she made at school and an acrostic poem:

Makes me dinner
Oh, she cares for me
Thinks about me
Hands me her hand when I’m blue
Everyday she helps me with my homework
Remembers me

From 6 I got a drawing of a flower in the mountains, and a big card where she had to fill in the blanks:

My name is 6
My mom’s name is Keb
My mom is 25 years old (Love that kid!)
My mom makes the best Oatmeal
My mom’s favorite restaurant is Red Lobster and McDonalds (I don't care for either)
I love my mom because she tucks me in and kisses me every night
My mom doesn’t like when my dad spanks her butt (OH MY GOD!)

Oh yes, she did write that all by herself. In class. With her teacher's help for spelling. I about died when I read it. I asked 6 what made her think of that and not bugs or something. She said “well Mom, every day when you are cooking dinner and Dad spanks you on the butt you tell him to stop.”

Parent teacher conference will be interesting this month.